How It Works

We have a return policy of 30 days from the day of purchase. Where you wish to return the product or item you purchased from us, you must contact us regarding the item, order date, price and receipt number. You must provide us with 'BADMONE' with your receipt of purchase. You must explain your reason for returning the product or item. 
Our return policy is a 50 per cent refund to you of the original price of purchase of the product at the time of your purchase. 
You must contact us for the shipping address to return the product to. 
Once we received the product, we will refund you 50 per cent of the purchase price. The product must have its original tag and be in the presentable order of purchase. The product or item must not be ripped, torn or damaged.

Return shipping costs must be organised and paid for by the customer. Due to postal delays, we indicate that you give us 14 days to complete your refund once you have shipped or posted the product or item. 
We request of you 'the customer' to email us 'BADMONE' a photo of the receipt of postage with a photo of the product or item on the day of the postage.
We request of you 'the customer' include your receipt with the product(s) or item(s) before wrapping or boxing it or them and posting it or them.
We 'BADMONE' will not be responsible for any loss of returned product or item posted to us by the customer.